Offset Printing Paper
Name: Offset Printing Paper/Woodfree Offset Paper
Material:100% Wood Pulp
Colour:white and cream
Regular size:787*1092mm,889*1194mm,770*1100mm,700mm*1000mm or Customized Size Avaliable
Usage: Book text, magazines, textbooks, covers, inserts, coloured leaflet, notedbook, exam paper.
It can be printed with muti-colors.
It can be used on high speed printing machine.
High smoothness and good opacity.
Good ink adaptable.
No two-sidedness
No dusting
Uniform density and excellent printability
Packaging Detail:
1) Packing for roll, inside PE film and outside for kraft paper, with two rubber stopper in both ends
2) Packing for sheet, the whole pallet is wrapped by PE film and fixed by two piece
3) if 500 sheets per ream,it is also OK
4)As customer request.